Teleteria Casino Gives Online Gamers Opportunity to Capitalize on Recent Football Controversy

Teleteria Casino Gives Online Gamers Opportunity to Capitalize on Recent Football Controversy

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The online Global Sports Betting market is exploding this football season and the reasons are speculative at best, Jay Servidio, owner of Teleteria Casino told a conference of business people in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in  September of 2017.

Servidio thinks one of the main reasons for increased betting is the controversy surrounding the NFL at the moment. It all started with former quarterback Colin Kaepernick taking a knee in defiance of the United States’ national anthem. This past weekend, many other players, and teams as a whole, followed suit. On Monday night, Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, knelt in defiance alongside his team, locking arms with them. Why? Because teams in mutiny do not win games, and in the end, for the owners, it’s all about winning and making money.

We’re not just seeing this defiance arise in the NFL. We’ve even began to see it take place in the MLB. Oakland Athletics’ catcher Bruce Maxwell has begun kneeling for the national anthem, making him the first MLB player to do so.

All of this controversy might make for exciting news stories, but the real winners from this are those who own online casinos. This controversy has helped increase online betting to staggering numbers, and with no clear end to the madness in sight, we can expect these numbers to increase even more. It’s not just Americans that are betting on these games, the whole world is taking notice. There has been a spike in online betting from Middle Eastern countries in particular, specifically Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Jay Servidio, a NYC based internet entrepreneur, and owner of, said around 65 percent of that global figure was spent on soccer and football betting. He also mentioned that the Asian market is one of the highest growing areas in the business. On top of that, college-aged betters are also a very strong new segment to the industry. He also noted that Cricket matches are the second most-watched televised sporting events, due to the large size of cricket leagues all over India, one of the most populous countries on Earth.

If you are looking to take advantage of this opportunity to make money, there’s no better place to start than Teleteria Casino. was created to offer the opportunity of online gaming to the general public. The online gambling industry earns several times more than the online adult industry and has done so since 2013, when online sports betting revenues took over the online adult industry. Teleteria Casino turns 24 years old this month, and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of New York. No other company in the industry has comparable accolades to Teleteria Casino. Servidio connects his clients to a licensed casino operator in the United Kingdom. Betters come on to these casino websites, gamble, and lose 98 percent of the time. The licensed casino pays the website owner’s 35 percent of the net loss, and takes care of paying out winners.

One of the biggest opportunities to create revenue streams for people worldwide has been partnerships with licensed casino operators outside of the United States. By operating outside of the US, these casino operators give people who live in areas where online gambling is illegal the opportunity to earn large monthly revenue streams, in an anonymous and legal manner, right from their own homes.